Communicate with others without language barriers

How does the simultaneous translation feature of Calls Translator work?

Simultaneous translation makes it feasible to communicate with both large and small groups of individuals who speak various languages. The practice of translating verbally and in real-time into one or more receivers’ languages, or listeners’ languages, is known as simultaneous translation. Additionally called conference interpreting. It is the most difficult and fastest type of translation available and is performed in real-time.

Simultaneous interpretation is naturally a very complicated task. A job like this requires the best interpreters. This means not only having full and uncompromising command of both languages, but also being able to grasp things quickly, think quickly, stay focused and, most importantly, know exactly what to say when dialing in.

Thanks to modern technology, hiring translators has never been easier. If you’ve ever worked with a professional translator,
you already know that translation has a huge impact on your audience.